Skilloverse Terms of Use

Last updated: 1 June 2019

  1. Scope
    1. The following terms and conditions apply to all users (henceforth also ‘you’) of the platform and the services it offers. The platform is operated by Modimido UG (limited liability) (henceforth ‘Modimido’, ‘we’, or ‘us’), Angermünder Straße 21, 12305 Berlin.
    2. Deviations from these terms of use are only considered agreed upon if they have been expressly confirmed in writing by us.
    3. Modimido uses German as a contract language.
      Note: this English translation of our terms and conditions is provided for convenience. In the case of discrepancy between this English version and the German version, the German version is legally decisive.
  2. Subject matter of the contract
    Through, Modimido offers a platform for business users and freelancers to create professional relationships with one another. The service is limited to establishing or enabling contact between users.
  3. Service description
    1. Freelancers and business can, as users of our service, create accounts with profiles. With a paid account or a trial account, users may use the Skilloverse service and may connect with other users.
    2. Freelancer: a person using the Skilloverse service to find potential clients for the services they offer as freelancers.
      Business user: a person who represents a business or themselves and uses the Skilloverse service to find freelancers offering digital services.
    3. Freelancers may create a profile and state the services they offer and other information. It is possible to create a pseudonymised profile. With a paid account or trial account, business users may search for freelancers for their projects. Freelancers with a paid account or trial account are shown in the candidate lists of the projects. Business users can invite freelancers to chat and freelancers can accept or reject these chat invitations. When a freelancer accepts a chat invitation, a chat between the business user and the freelancer is opened and, where it applies, the profiles of both users are de-pseudonymised in the chat.
    4. As soon as contact between users takes place, assumes that the users responsibly agree whether, and on what terms, a contract between them is concluded. Creating, managing and negotiating contracts is not part of the service offered by
    5. Modimido reserves the right to expand the range of, modify, reduce or discontinue the services offered by Skilloverse as long as users are not unreasonably impaired by these changes.
    6. The Skilloverse service may be interrupted from time to time for activities related to maintenance or security. Modimido assumes no liability for issues beyond its control.
    7. The Skilloverse service can be accessed via a web browser with JavaScript enabled. We do our best to ensure that it works with the most common web browsers, which are freely available on a variety of devices. However, as these technologies are constantly changing, we cannot guarantee that they will work in all cases.
  4. Beta version
    Skilloverse is currently in a beta version; this is a version of software in active development that, despite our efforts, may have technical problems and performance problems. If you need a stable experience, please use a more established platform.
    If you encounter a technical problem with our software, please let us know responsibly and email us at!
  5. User obligations
    1. Users are obligated to provide some data that is required for the delivery of the service through Specifically, this means the following user data:
      • Email address
      • Password
      • At least one profile field (otherwise, it is not possible to determine your relevance to projects and other Skilloverse users)
      • Full name
      • Address
      Other data is provided voluntarily for the purpose of optimizing one's own profile.
    2. Users are obligated to provide truthful information and to conduct communication with each other professionally and appropriately for the topic. This means that communication is either appropriate to finding freelancers relevant to projects for business users or appropriate to finding relevant work or clients as freelancers.
    3. Users are obligated to keep information up to date.
    4. Users are obligated to keep their credentials confidential.
    5. Users are obligated to treat any information received from other users as confidential unless the source of the information explicitly states otherwise. This also applies after the termination of this contract.
    6. Users are obligated to comply with applicable legal requirements. In particular, users assure that the services and products they offer and request on do not violate any laws. Further, users assure that content they upload to is free of third-party rights. Users release Modimido from third-party claims for content they upload.
    7. Violating these conditions can result in a user account being temporarily deactivated or a user account being removed.
  6. Conclusion of the contract
    1. The contract for the paid service between and users enters into force once users have registered and selected and confirmed the period for which their profile is to be visible in the candidate lists or for access to the candidate lists for projects, as the case may be. Access to paid services is activated upon receipt of the amount due.
    2. At the end of the period for which the user has paid, the profile becomes inactive. For freelancers, this means that their profile is no longer displayed as candidate for projects. For business users, this means they are no longer be able to view candidates for their projects.
  7. Note on the right of revocation
    1. As a consumer, you have the right to revoke this contract within fourteen days without giving any reason. The revocation period is fourteen days from the date of the contract entering into force. In order to exercise your right of revocation, you must inform us of your decision to revoke this contract by means of a clear declaration (e.g. a letter or e-mail sent by post).
    2. In order to respect the revocation period, it is sufficient that you send the notice of the exercise of the right of revocation before the expiry of the revocation period.
    3. If you revoke this contract, we will promptly refund all payments we have received from you no later than fourteen days from the date on which we received the notification of your revocation of this contract. For this refund, we will use the same method of payment that you used for the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed with us otherwise; under no circumstances will you be charged fees for this repayment.
    4. If you have requested that the services be commenced during the period of cancellation, you must pay us a reasonable amount equal to the proportion of services, in comparison to the full service of the contract, already provided to you at the time you inform us that you are exercising the right of revocation with respect to this contract.
  8. Payment for the service
    1. The prices at the time of payment are decisive. The prices are available on the homepage.
    2. Modimido reserves the right to adjust prices. Price adjustments will only take effect for future payments, so they will only affect new users or users extending the duration of their contract.
  9. Contract expiration/termination
    1. The contract ends at the end of the period chosen by users. The users’ accounts, however, remain in the system so that paid reactivation is possible at any time until users delete their account. Early termination is only possible if has a disruption in performance that precludes the establishment of a professional relationship with other users.
    2. Users may come to the conclusion that they are not satisfied with the service within the first 30 days of a paid contract. If they do so, they can request a refund and they will be refunded the amount paid for their current contract.
  10. Disclaimer
    1. Modimido is only liable for damages based on intent or gross negligence on the part of Modimido's agents.
    2. To the extent permitted by law, Modimido’s liability is limited to the amount a user paid for the Skilloverse service.
    3. Modimido is not liable for the completeness, legality, or accuracy of the content published by users. Users are responsible and liable for all content that they publish.
  11. Privacy
    Modimido UG's privacy policy can be found here:
  12. Place of jurisdiction
    1. The place of jurisdiction is Berlin. The responsible district court is the district court of Tempelhof-Kreuzberg.
    2. Out-of-court dispute resolution is possible. See the EU's online dispute resolution platform:
  13. Changes to the terms of the contract
    1. Modimido reserves the right to change these terms and will notify users of these changes. If a user does not agree to the changes, they can cancel their account within 4 weeks. After that, it is assumed that the user has agreed to the updated terms.
    2. Should any provision of this contract be invalid, this does not affect the remaining provisions.
  14. Contact
    If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact:

    William Clear

    Modimido UG (limited liability)
    Angermünder Straße 21
    12305 Berlin

Modimido UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Angermünder Str. 21
12305 Berlin

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